Burglar Alarms Fitted Leeds

Posted on: 8 July 2020 by in Burglar Alarms
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Burglar Alarms Fitted Leeds

Trust the local, established experts to fit your alarm system in Leeds. Whether for home or business we have the system for you. Wireless technology ensures no mess, no unsightly wires. All systems come with app control options. This gives you the ability to set and unset your intruder alarm from wherever you happen to be. You can control multiple sites from the same app and receive real-time alerts should your system activate.

Burglar alarm fitting is what we do and have done for over three decades. We are insurance approved and police compliant – everything you need for peace-of-mind.

Our anti-false alarm technology brings outstanding results and our systems are super simple to operate – either one swipe of a fob or a click of a button on the app.

Burglar alarms are well recognised by the police and insurers as a major deterrent with both agreeing your chances of being burgled are significantly reduced when you install a reliable and approved intruder system.

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