Burglar Alarms

Burglar Alarms Leeds can find the right security system for you to meet your home and business needs.

All work is fully guaranteed for twelve months with free 24 hour cover and a free service visit at the end of the first year.

Service contracts are available thereafter and are optional; we operate on an outright-sale basis (no rental) unlike many of the national company household-names.

In addition to the simple bells-only systems we can give a guaranteed police-response via a remotely-monitored alarm system. There are a number of platforms available for remote monitoring which are dependent upon the level of security required and budget: Digitalburglar alarms bradford police response alarms west yorkshire Communicator (digi), Dualcom (gprs or gsm) and Redcare (classic or GSM).

Systems can integrate access control so that you can swipe a proximity tag to open a door and then use the same device to disarm the burglar alarm.

When sums insured are high and police response though rapid is not quick enough then there are alternatives such as smokecloak or smoke screen.
When the alarm activates a jet of breathable smoke rapidly fills the premises bringing visibility to virtually nil. Thieves can’t steal what they can’t see!

burglar alarms bradford smokescreen device west yorkshire security system
Systems range from simple to sophisticated dependent upon your requirements and budget. Quotations are free and without obligation so call us NOW

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