Intruder Alarms Leeds

Posted on: 9 December 2020 by in Burglar Alarms
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Intruder Alarms Leeds

If you are after intruder alarms in Leeds then stop right there. In the near four decades that we’ve been in business then there is one recurring result we can recognise – when times are bad and people are losing jobs then burglary increases!

We’ve been providing security alarms for Leeds businesses and homeowners for almost 4 decades and we’ve watched many inventions come and go. The most current being Wi-Fi connected, plug-and-play security systems. Over time the acid test of whether an innovation in crime detection endures or not is determined by the criminals.

An intruder system that you can open, plugin, link to an app and then ask Google or Alexa to set seems marvellous – our thoughts are that the thieves think it is too! If a bell box isn’t securely fixed, then breaking it or tossing it in into a barrel of water is easy … perhaps simply taking it could be an option! If there is no external bell box and flashing light, up high externally then what deterrent is there?

Countless studies and criminal research tell us that intruders are deterred by a professional security alarm and surveillance cameras. Theives look for the easier option. If they only notice you have an alarm once they’ve broken into your premises then the damage is already done.

Getting a complimentary app with your security system is really good, albeit supplementary. It is imperative that the security alarm operates as a robust security system irrespective of an app. The ability to remotely set and unset your intruder alarm, check on it’s status and receive alerts is a real boon. However, we all accept that phones and cellular networks are a robust network usually but if you were sent a text by your system at midnight on new year’s eve how soon would that get to you? Supplemental apps are a really good add on to an alarm system but the alarm itself must first of all provide a deterrent and then notify thieves and neighbours, should a burglary happen, notwithstanding power-cuts or internet down times.

Intruder Alarms Leeds

We pointed out above that whether new security developments last is influenced by thieves – this is true, however there are other groups who influence this decision. Let’s just say this – before you order your plug-and-play voice activated alarm, ask your insurance company what they think! … Just saying Alexa!

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